Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rankini Mata Temple, Jadugora, Jharkhand, India

Image 1: Rankini Mata Temple.

Image 2: Sanctum Sanctorum (Goddess Rankini).

This is one of the few temples of Goddess Rankini a form of Goddess Kali situated at Jadugora (Near Ghatshila), East Singhbhum District, Jharkhand. The present temple was constructed around 1950 but the Idol dates back to time unknown (Probably 1700).

There are two legends:

1. Raja Jagannath Dhal of The Dhalbhum Dynasty constructed this temple at Galudih but for some reasons it was shifted to Ghatshila again being shifted to the present location at Jadugora.

2. A local tribal man saw a girl defeating demons and vanishing into the jungle. That same night he dreams of the girl and is instructed to set up a temple which is at the present location.

There are no concrete evidence though of the legends.