Friday, October 12, 2012

Jyanto Durga (Durga Live)

To be screened at the 3rd Siliguri International Short & Documentary Film Festival, 12th to 14th October 2012.

Jyanto Durga (Durga Live) - Making of the Goddess - a different experience. Bengal, Bengalis and the environment surrounding it gets engulfed in a carnival for 5 days sometimes around end September to mid October. The life and soul of the population gets engaged in it in some form or other through participation in organizing the festival, through business activities and even through social and cultural activities. The activities and the intensity differ from the various segments of the society. There are people who put in all their efforts and resources to lay down their merchandise in front of their customers. These include the street dwellers, the garment sellers, the designers and boutique. The husband-wife, the young lovers, the youth, the old, almost every one appears on the streets of Kolkata, to experience the feeling, to be a part of the biggest carnival of Durgautsav. Goddess Durga brings hope and prosperity.

Directed by Arin Paul
Produced by Ananda Utsav [ABP DIGITAL PRODUCTION]
Narrated by Chandrasish Ray (Bengali) & Kausik Ghosh (English)
Music by Chandrasish Ray
Cinematography by Ashok Pramanik
Editing by Sanglap Bhowmik

Other Details:
Release date (online): October 13, 2010
Running time: 17 minutes
Country: India
Language: English and Bengali
Festivals: 3rd Siliguri International Short & Documentary Film Festival, 12 to 14 October 2012

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